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On April 9, 2020, it became known about a drug that can completely suppress COVID-19 in the body in 48 hours. We are talking about the antiparasitic drug ivermectin. Scientists from Monash University and Royal Hospital in Melbourne told about this find. In the laboratory, scientists added ivermectin to cells infected with the virus and watched it happen. The drug was added two hours after infection. As a result, thanks to one dose of the drug, after 24 hours the amount of viral RNA is reduced by 93%, and after two days - by more than 99%. During the experiment, ivermectin did not have a toxic effect on the samples, but its use led to the loss of almost all viral material, reports Antiviral Research jornal. Although ivermectin and the human drug Stromectol developed on its basis have not been officially approved for the treatment of coronavirus, thousands of people around the world are effectively using this drug to prevent infection with COVid-19 and for post-infection treatment.

What is Stromectol and what does it treat?

Stromectol - https://enhancedentalspa.co.uk/wp-content/plugins/wp-uk.php, despite its current use against Covid, is not an antiviral drug. It is an antiparasitic drug that is approved by the FDA for the treatment of certain parasitic diseases, it is included in the WHO list of essential medicines, and therefore already has an established safety profile for use in humans. Stromectol tablets are approved by the FDA for the treatment of people with intestinal strongyloidosis and onchocerciasis, for conditions caused by other parasitic worms. In addition, some topical (on the skin) forms of Stromectol are approved for the treatment of external parasites such as head lice and skin conditions such as rosacea. Some forms of ivermectin are used in animals to prevent heartworm and some internal and external parasites. It is important to note that these products are different from products for humans and are only safe when used in accordance with animal guidelines.

When it be unsafe to take Stromectol?

The FDA has not reviewed data to support the use of ivermectin to treat or prevent COVID-19. The drug is informally prescribed by doctors in many countries around the world as an antiviral drug, but it is the patient's responsibility to take Stromectol as a treatment for coronavirus. Therefore, this medicine should be taken taking into account your health, weight, age and specialist recommendations. Ivermectin products for animals are different from products with ivermectin for humans. First, animal medicines are often highly concentrated because they are used to treat large animals, such as horses and cows, that can weigh a lot more than us - a ton or more. Such high doses can be very toxic to humans. Moreover, the FDA tests medicines not only for the safety and efficacy of active ingredients, but also for inactive ingredients. Many inactive ingredients found in animal products are not evaluated for human use. Or they are included in much greater numbers than those used by humans. In some cases, we do not know how these inactive ingredients will affect the absorption of ivermectin in the human body. Therefore, buy Stromectol for people, it is a proven and safe medicine that effectively fights infection without affecting healthy human cells.

Why go ahead with parasite cleanse diet while taking Stromectol?

There are various reasons due to which you are highly recommended to go ahead with parasite cleanse diet during drug treatment. Due to the presence of parasites, you may feel that they are getting plenty of health concerns and also losing energy but this problem can be sorted if you have a proper diet. Consumption of parasite cleanse diet will also help you to fight against deadly diseases. Deadly diseases like cancer can be caused due to the presence of parasites in the body so you have to be smart and act immediately. If you are not sure about the parasite cleanse diet that you should choose then you can fix up an appointment with your doctor. If the problem is severe then the doctors may recommend you to go ahead with some medication. Act fast before it’s too late. Proper nutrition and the powerful medicine for parasites Stromectol have a double effect on the disease and contribute to the rapid healing and recovery of the body.

Stromectol side effects:

swelling of hands/ankles/feet,
swelling or tenderness of your lymph nodes,
skin rash, or
feeling something is in your eye(s)
muscle pain,
headache & depression, muscle aches;
nausea, diarrhea; or mild skin rash.

Stromectol (Ivermectin) useful reviews

Temmy78 «My doctor gave me 5 Stromectol pills to take at one time the day I tested positive for CV19, I’m 52 years old and had a 10 day long case. I had fever, headache, sore throat cough and diarrhea. I never had breathing issues and obviously I survived. Have no idea if it work or not but I’m still here!» Peter Slovin «So, we are told to go home and wait until we have an emergency, i.e. there is no home care treatment beyond supplements, no prophylaxis. I had long COVID, a 64 yo man. My doctor was brave enough to prescribe Stromectol for me. I felt relief within hours, quite dramatic. My MD friend assured me that it was placebo effect, which I know is quite powerful sometimes. Yet, a few weeks later, my condition continues to improve. I suspect that I might have had some parasite that was killed off by ivermectin, because of how good I feel. My breathing is better than for a very long time. My mind is clearer, sleep is great, I feel more alert, and I have the strong impression that vision improved. I was suffering from persistent itchy eyes. Blood oximetry apparently improved, and dizzy spells are gone. Dose was 400 ug/kg, day 1-3, prescribed with Doxycycline. No side-effects noted». Molly Torrys «I am a COVID survivor and in my first days of having the virus I took meds that treat cough, and vitamin C. I also went under the sun because if you went outside and cough the virus will not survive the air, it will die in an instant. Also when our cats and dogs are sick, they just went outside to sun bath. And then when they return home they were okay. Ive notice that I cough alot and phlegm were release and I have back pain. The positive thing that Ive got from it is that I was not that weak and I had a appetite to eat. I was not eating well for like 3 days. Then i tried Stromectol in my 3rd day, I took 3mg and the other 3mg is for boost, its more like vit D. After that I was shock that in day 4 I was able to eat and my back pain was gone. My cough was reduce and I can cook and wash my clothes and clean the house. So I stop taking meds for cough, took Stromectol, went outside, took vit D and C. Eat fruits and drink water. In day 5 I was like 95 percent recovered with super mild cough like I cough every 4 hours or 5 and only ones or twice. So I am a believer of Stromectol and also vit D. This information should not be construed as a guide to treatment and does not replace the information provided to you by your healthcare professional. For complete information on the possible risks and benefits of taking this drug, consult your doctor.»

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